Dedicated team model


avidacare offers its customers a dedicated team model in which a resource for a specific technology or a function like developing, business analysis support, graphical Design, QA, etc. is continuously used. The dedicated team acts as the customer’s virtual IT department. It works exclusively and all day on the client’s tasks.

The team follows the work guidelines and development methods of the customer, works exclusively on the projects of the customer, who selects and leads each individual team member. So he has full control over the team and the services provided.


For a product that is subject to continuous innovation/improvements. Allows controlling the development process closely and efficiently instead of relying on an anonymous 3rd party SW-provider. This model fits best to medium to large projects of any complexity which aim to find solutions to business requirements. With this model, the customer and the software developers work out the solution together.


Is defined by the customer, but usually, both parties discuss the nature and possible scope of the project. The experts at avidacare start with the creation of the specification documents, in which the monthly effort and personnel requirements are estimated. When these key conditions are mutually agreed upon, a contract will be prepared for signature, which covers topics such as confidentiality, licensing and intellectual property, the scope of warranty, maintenance and support duration, etc. During this time, avidacare sets up a special project team. After the contract has been signed and the dedicated team has started work, the customer takes full control in order to implement his tasks according to his ideas. When the workload decreases, the agreement can be changed or terminated in consultation. As the workload increases, additional staff can be added to the dedicated team.


This model ensures that the business as well as the IT knowledge remains within the company and is transmitted amongst the dedicated team. It will not get lost as it would with a 3rd party SW provider. The dedicated team model leaves space to put together the best team for your project and to devote itself entirely to your business requirements. You interview the team members from a shortlist of IT professionals carefully selected for your review by avidacare. The team has an experienced, dedicated team leader to ensure the most efficient workflow. The average price for dedicated resources is lower than your local developers. In the long run, this means significantly lower costs.